Two Years | Anniversary Thoughts

This article came out last week and poignantly reminded me that our marriage is constantly worth fighting for. Every single day. 

Not that I've forgotten. But the realization of what we're fighting for comes in waves, with the ebbs and flows of a relationship that becomes routine and requires conscious effort to get out of the valleys, at times. Sometimes, babe, it just hits me what an endeavor this really is.

We are fighting for it. In the mundane weekdays and the weekend adventures, in the (many) moments of swallowing our own pride and in the moments we swell with pride for each other. In the investments we make in our individual pursuits but more so in the ways we invest in what we have together. 

Two years ago today, we made more than a promise. We made a vow to fulfill a covenant at all costs, which sounds scary because it is. No owner's manual, no plan B, and two selfish people (one more so than the other, oh hi that'd be me) learning to put the other first, day in and day out. 

What's not scary is the way you get me. The way you understand me even when I don't understand myself. The way you put me in my place when I deserve it, talk sense into me on a regular basis, and encourage me like no one else can. You're my comfort. You dream big and inspire me to do the same. We learn from each other, sharpening iron while softening edges. I get to be my best self because of you. 

It's been two years of...

  • Figuring it out as we go 
  • Bucket list adventures
  • Mirror notes
  • Cheap wine and Jeopardy episodes 
  • More trips across state lines than I can count
  • Dreaming about our future
  • Student loan-induced panic attacks
  • Going to bed angry, on occasion
  • Finding clarity in the morning, always
  • Apologies and extra effort 
  • Praying about all of it, separately and together
  • Wondering how I got so lucky 
  • Last-minute date nights 
  • Practicing humility and giving grace
  • Throwing around (future) kids' names 
  • Talking to the dog in weird voices 
  • Gourmet dinners (you) and dish duty (me)
  • Late nights and crazy schedules
  • Frustrated eye rolls because marriage is hard freaking work sometimes 
  • Holding hands and stealing kisses because it's also worth every second 
  • Thanking God not nearly enough for you

Happy anniversary, babe. Love you with my whole heart, for my whole life. 

Photos by the wonderful Maddie Ray. Found her on Facebook, reached out via Instagram, and now her images will adorn my walls forever and we're shooting a wedding together this fall. Social media, man. #bringinpeopletogether

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