9 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas They'll Really Love

You've got your venue set, florals picked out, photographer hired and the timeline of the day planned to a T - now it's time to start thinking about those fun little details, like what to give your bridesmaids to thank them for being part of your day. Do you go the floral robe route? Jewelry? Another bottle of wine? 

Remember, your bridesmaids' gifts don't have to be something they wear on the actual day of your wedding, although who doesn’t love matching outfits for getting ready? Fair warning, I love a good personalized gift, so get ready to see some monograms. You know your girls best though - these are just ideas to help get you thinking.

How much should I spend on bridesmaids' gifts?

Gifts for your bridesmaids aren’t a requirement, nor should it be stressful. That said, the ladies in your wedding party will spend quite a lot, between pre-wedding festivities, a dress, shoes, jewelry, nails, hair and makeup, all of it. You don't have to spend a fortune, but a sweet gift given at your rehearsal dinner or the morning of your wedding is a nice way to show your appreciation. I'd say anywhere from $25 to $75 for each girl is appropriate, depending on your overall budget, of course, and on how many bridesmaids you have.

Now, on to the gifts!

Fun Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

1. Comfort Colors Tank

They're easy to get ready in and slip over your hair without messing up, and they come in so many pretty colors! My girls and I wore them the morning of my wedding (that’s us above!) and for a Texas wedding in June, they were perfect to help stay cool. I still wear mine all the time! I ordered the tank top set here.
Cost per tank: $15


2. Jute tote

Your ladies will love these for YEARS to come. They work as a pool tote, beach bag, you name it. Get a different color and monogram style for each girl to mix it up! Ballard Designs' totes are made to hold up for the long haul.
Cost per tote: $20-25

3. Fishing Shirt


Perfect for a waterside wedding or for a group of beach-loving girls. These are also good for slipping on and off without messing up hair and makeup. The shirts above are from It'sGeeGeeBaby's Etsy shop.
Cost per shirt: $48+

4. Monogrammed Hat


Because every girl needs an excuse to throw on a cap some days. These are a budget-friendly option, too. The Monogrammed Hart has tons of great color and thread combos.
Cost per hat: $15

5. Yeti Tumbler


You really can't have too many tumblers, right? Tervis cups, Swell bottles, wine tumblers - they’re all fun! Find the powder-coated Yetis above on NTX Laser’s Etsy shop. They also have some manly options that would make great groomsmen gifts!

Cost per Yeti: $50

6. Jon Hart Grande Makeup Bag


I've kept my makeup in one of these bags for ten years! They’re great for travel and throwing in a tote. I'm partial to Jon Hart bags because they're made in Texas (and the BEST quality), but their fun canvas colors and iconic stamped leather that gets even better with time makes them a perfect gift for your gals. I love the look of names spelled out in all lowercase letters!
Price per bag: $43

7. Pajama Set


For another dual-purpose gift that your girls can wear on your wedding day but will also wear after the wedding, a good set of pajamas works well. These are from LeRose Gifts on Etsy.
Price per set: $49+

8. Personalized Bracelet or Necklace


If your girls would prefer something a little more dainty or maybe something with a little more meaning behind it, bracelets would be a really cool way to personalize a gift for each girl. These from QBerry Creations are such a steal at just $12. You could engrave anything on there! A quote you both love, a date that’s meaningful to her, her initials, anything. A personalized gold bar necklace is another good option, too.
Price per bracelet: $12+

9. Pay for part of their bridesmaid ensemble

It's totally appropriate and expected for bridal party members to pay for their own dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup, etc. (and tux/suit rentals for the guys). But all of that can add up quickly. Coming from a few friends who've had part of the bill picked up by the bride before, they appreciated it just as much, if not more, than another gift. If paying for everyone's dresses isn't feasible, consider buying everyone the earrings you'd like them to wear, or treating everyone to a manicure. On a similar note - letting your girls choose their own dresses in the same color palette can help make their costs more manageable. Mix-and-match dresses can look amazing, and there's a better chance for repeat wear with a dress they pick out themselves.

An easy way to go the extra mile for your 'maids

Want to save your bridesmaids and yourself a lot of extra wedding day stress? Let your Type A side shine and give everyone an itinerary. Whether you print hard copies or just text a screenshot, make sure each girl has something she can refer to so she knows where to go and when to be there. Be sure to include:

  • Time they should be at the venue (or getting ready spot if different)

  • Addresses of venues/hotels

  • Anything specific they need to bring (payment for the hair & makeup artists, any special jewelry you want them to wear, etc.)

  • Time they need to be fully dressed for group pictures (your photographer can tell you this)

Include an emergency number - your MOH's or your mom's, not yours - that they can call in case of any issues. If you're super detail-oriented, it's also helpful to share the hair and makeup lineup with who's going first, second, etc., just to help things go as smoothly as possible on the big day. 

Hopefully this gave you some fun ideas for ways to spoil your best friends! No matter how you show your appreciation, they'll be thrilled to stand next to you on your big day. I’d love to hear your bridesmaid gift ideas - throw them in the comments!