Best Texas Country First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

**Updated August 2018**

If Texas country and Red Dirt music makes your heart sing like it does mine, what better way to stay true to your roots at your wedding than with a first dance song from that genre? If you're having trouble narrowing down your choices, this list includes some of my personal favorites to consider - a few more popular ones, and some more unique options.

It's a good rule of thumb to keep wedding dance songs under 4 minutes, or even have your DJ trim your song to be closer to 3 minutes. It can get a little awkward for your guests to sit through several long songs in a row.

Here are my picks, in alphabetical order by artist, with a snippet of lyrics from each one and links to the music videos. Happy two-stepping!


Texas Country/Red Dirt Wedding Song Ideas

Aaron Watson - Best for Last

Looking back I'm thanking God for that unanswered prayer
And all along, the good Lord knew
What the world would be like without a girl like you
Your love's the kind of beautiful that will never be surpassed
Now I know why He saved the best for last

Aaron Watson - Next to Heaven

Next to heaven lies my fate, my best friend and my soulmate
God knows this kind of love only comes from up above
You're the answer to my prayers, nothing else compares
I'm next to heaven when I'm next to you


Brandon Jenkins- Feet Don't Touch the Ground

An oldie but a goodie. And that fiddle - SWOON.

Things I've done and the places I've been
Just don't compare to the love I'm in
I fly so high when you're around
That my feet don't touch the ground

Cody Johnson - I Ain't Going Nowhere Baby

I ain't going nowhere baby
Rest your worries somewhere else
Yeah the radio's full of them good love songs
Can't hold a candle to to a love this strong
It goes on and on, keeps getting stronger
It don't matter where life takes me
I ain't going nowhere baby

Cody Johnson - On My Way to You

Every highway, every heartbreak, every mountain, every mile
All the boats I’ve missed, all the hell I’ve caused
All the lips I’ve kissed, all the love I’ve lost
I thank God for that
I guess he always knew
I was on my way to you


Cody Johnson - With You I Am

Might be my favorite one of the whole list.

Strong as an oak but soft like leather
High as a pine and light as a feather
The same ol' boy but a whole lot better, whenever you're holding my hand
I used to poke fun at them punch drunk lovers - I never thought I'd be that man
Oh baby, with you I am

Eli Young Band - Home

A lesser-known one from one of their old albums, this one's slow and sweet.

So I'll shake some hands, chase that calling star
I'm gonna drive so fast, I can only drive so far
Gonna lay my bricks, and park my car
Gonna sow my seeds somewhere, but home, girl it's where you are


Flatland Cavalry - One I Want

Don't have all the answers, when I take the floor
When it comes to uncertainty, I've never been more sure
Darlin when it comes to you, I've never had a doubt
Each and everyday I go out of my way, above and beyond
Just so you don't have to wonder, you're the one I want

Full Throttle - I Just Wanna Be Yours

This was my husband's and my first dance song - he picked it out and I think he did a pretty great job! It's got some beautiful fiddle melodies throughout.

I wanna be the ship out in your sea
Yeah I can't wait to come ashore
I wanna be the bird hangin in your tree
Yeah but baby most of all, I just wanna be yours


Josh Abbott - She's Like Texas

She's as bright as the Dallas sky
She always holds her head up high
She loves the company of her family
She has faith in God's greater plan
She trusts that I'm a good man
And that why I'll always believe
She's like Texas and she likes me

Josh Grider - Crazy Like You

We are in tune and out of touch with all the same things
And she’s as wild and mean as a deep blue sea
And pure and sweet as honey from a bee
And I love her to death 'cause that girl's crazy just like me.
I said everybody’s crazy so what you gotta do, 
You better find someone who’s crazy like you

Josh Ward - Sent Me You

This one makes me cry. The guitar, the lyrics - it'll tug at you.

I got tattoos and I got scars
Got patches that are mended broken hearts
I got stories of failure and glory
And I called out to Jesus for the truth
Asked for forgiveness, and He sent me you


Pat Green - Crazy

An older one of his. This one's really sweet.

You said that I must be crazy
I said 'Crazy 'bout you' and I kissed you on the mouth
And if I am truly crazy, don't you know I like my life that way
And if I'm really goin' on out of my mind
Won't you hop on board and make your getaway

Randy Rogers - One Woman

A classic for a reason and the perfect dancing rhythm.

One woman, you for me
I know that you're all I'll ever need
Forever beside you, spending my life loving one woman


Reckless Kelly - Baby's Got a Whole Lot More

Hanging up my walkin' shoes
Gonna bid farewell to the travelin' blues
Yeah the highway's got what the dirt road's got
And it don't matter if you're happy or not
Because I've been down them all before
And my baby's got a whole lot more

Sean McConnell - One Acre of Land

I'm the son of a ramblin' man
And we could build a dream right where we stand
On one acre of land
It don't take a lot now do it, when you really get down to it
We got four walls and a patch of planet, true love that can fit right in it
Tilling this ground together, who knows what may start growing

Sean McConnell - Nothin' On You

Seen the Sistine Chapel sky
Seen the mountains in Denver
And I'll always remember the Northern Lights
Seen the California coast
And I've seen Rio's holy ghost
And I had to choke back the tears that I didn't cry
'Cause baby, ain't nothin'... ain't nothin' got nothin' on you


Wade Bowen - My California

This one's for the dreamers - it'll pull you in with its ethereal sound and dreamy lyrics.

There’s something about the way you move that moves me
Like you never had a fence around your heart
I can’t explain what your kiss does to me, but I lose me
Like an LA sky full of unseen stars
You are untamed, you are free
You are my California, wild wild west and a gold rush dream

Wade Bowen - Who I Am

Another classic. Love this one!

I love to watch you laugh and smile, I love to watch you dream
Love it when you take my hand let me know you believe in me
And I love it that you're my girl, I love that I'm your man
Now that you're in my life, baby I know exactly who I am

William Clark Green - This Is Us

From highest highs, to lowest lows
From I'm in love, to I don't know
From giving up, to one last try
Asking you to be my wife
To never needing you so much
From what it is, to what it was
After all that we've been through, I'm never giving up on you
It is what it is, and that's just because, this is us

Which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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