I'm Kaitlyn. Born and raised in the hill country, currently based in Dallas, always roaming. Creating things - paragraphs and photographs, mostly - brings me joy. I've loved to write for as long as I can remember, but I picked up a camera to help tell some stories a few years ago and never looked back. The Big and Bright exists to celebrate your adventures and commitments with warm, light, heartfelt images you'll love for years to come.

I'm married to a tall, dark and handsome guy I met online - turns out, it does work. Andrew's the best encourager and most generous person I know. Abby is our Rhodesian ridgeback (named for Abilene, where we had our first date). We love living in the city for now, but our heart is in the country - we'll be back some day.

More than anything, I love capturing authenticity in emotions and relationships. My style can be summed up like this:

Bold over lovely.

Timeless over trendy.

Marriages over weddings.


I don't just care about taking your pictures. I care about who you are as a person, knowing your story, and making the experience as comfortable and fun as possible. These are some of the most beautiful days of your life. Let's preserve them well!


TBB Couples...


Take marriage seriously, but themselves, not so much.

Might describe their wedding style as 'rustic, refined' or laid-back and joy-filled.

Like to spend their weekends in the great outdoors, maybe a beer in hand.

Believe family and faith are everything.


Think we'd be a good fit? I'd love to meet you! Reach out anytime and let's chat.



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