TBB Home | Guest Room + Thoughtful Hosting

Come on in, stay a while!

Sometimes I wish this guest bedroom was the master. Our master bedroom is quite a bit bigger, but while I love our bedding and lamps, those are about the only things I like in there. This room just feels like US to me! It’s a mix of old and new, with lots of thrift finds and touches that mean something.

I always, always love staying at certain people’s houses where you feel like you’re at a bed and breakfast. They take hospitality to another level and think of every little detail. Doesn’t that just make you feel good? Being a fantastic hostess may not be one of my top strengths, but I’m working on it, and I’ve taken some mental notes over the years of things I’ve loved when I stay at other people’s homes.

Thoughtful Guest Room Touches

Different types of pillows - I’m not a soft or down pillow fan - I prefer mine really firm, but I know not everyone is like that. I love when there are both kinds on the bed to choose from.
WiFi password displayed - I used to have ours out in a frame and need to do that again! It’s nice not to have to ask.
Extra toiletries and snacks - My BFF Jessica has a basket in her guest room with cookies and crackers, toothpaste and toothbrushes, bottles of water, deodorant, and floss in case anything was forgotten. It’s the sweetest thing. People always forget phone chargers, too! I know I do.
Easy access to plugs - Speaking of chargers, it’s always nice when there’s an outlet by the nightstand, but if there isn’t, at least one that’s easy to find. Maybe run a cord out if not!
Blankets galore - I love when people have extra blankets on hand. Everyone’s used to sleeping at different temps! I keep a down comforter on our guest bed underneath the quilt, so people can use one or the other or both. But one on the foot of the bed or a big basket with blanket options is nice, too.
Candle lit and towels laid out - So, so simple, but always makes me smile. A little tray on the bed with niceties is a sweet touch, too. Andrew’s stepmom leaves a pecan praline in the guest room whenever we come stay because she knows how much I love them. Warms my heart every time!
Nice products in the shower - I always feel spoiled and fancy when I go to people’s houses and they have really nice shampoo and conditioner. Ooh, and lotion. It’s such a silly thing to get excited about, but I do! Full disclaimer, we only have the drugstore stuff in our guest shower, but I do make sure to always have girls’ and guys’ shampoo + conditioner, and body wash + face soap too.

One thing I know I need to work on is not feeling like my house has to be perfect for people to come over and stay. Clean, yes. But spotless and pristinely organized? Who cares? Our friends and house guests certainly don’t. I don’t want people to feel like they can’t get comfortable in our home. Mess up the pillows. Put their feet up. Create a mountain of dishes. Bring it on! That’s what life’s all about. I’m working on letting go of some of my Monica Geller-ish tendencies and just letting our home be a place where people (me included) can LIVE. Comfortably.


I had a session a few months ago in OKC and I got into town about an hour early, so I thought I’d kill some time at my FAVORITE home decor shop, Live Boho (I talked about them in my living room post too - seriously, that place is heaven on earth). I walked out with that pair of sketches. Had no idea where I would put them, but I knew I had to have them so I knew I’d find a place. I even called Andrew and when I described them, he was on totally on board (not shocking, considering the subject matter). But gosh, I’m just obsessed with them! They add just the right height and drama to the room.

The mercury glass lamp is from WALMART, people. Nineteen dollars. Euro shams and white coverlet are from Stein Mart - they always have a ton of coverlet colors for 25 bucks. SOLD.


The dresser and the mirror were both Craigslist finds several years ago. I painted the dresser and added new knobs. Everything else is from Hobby Lobby but that dirt jar - that is special. One of the most meaningful things in our home. More on that here.

Some of the photos in this room are from our wedding, but the ones of the stucco church and the horses, I took! That church is in the middle of nowhere somewhere between Dallas and Lubbock (in Vera, actually), and it begged to be photographed the last time I made that drive so much that I had to make a u-turn, pull over and grab a shot. I couldn’t pass it up. I don’t know, I’ve got a penchant for tiny white churches. Those horses are on a friend’s ranch and that shot was completely accidental, yet one of my favorites I’ve ever captured. I’m thinking about offering it in my print shop at some point.


There you have it! A homey little spot for our guests to stay. I’d love to know some of the ways you’ve been spoiled as a guest in someone’s home, or how you spoil your visitors! Share away!