TBB Home | Living Room-Office Tour

Bringin’ back the Style part of the “Life & Style” blog today with a little glimpse into our home! I intended to do some sort of home tour blog post when we lived in Oklahoma City and I’m bummed I never did. That house was CUTE - tiny, but cute - and it was the perfect little abode for us to embark on married life. I decorated it on a super tight budget while still figuring out how to make it feel “grown-up”, and learned a lot about my style (and merging styles with my husband) along the way.

So, since I missed out on recording what our interior style looked like in our first house, I wanted to make sure and do it for this one. We definitely were not looking for a rent house with two living areas, but it worked out pretty well for us that we found a home with two separate spaces. Our TV room is smaller but has the fireplace and a more cozy feel, while this space has vaulted ceilings and more square footage - it made sense to double as my office and extra sitting area. Now that I work from home, I spend pretty much all day, every day, in the space you’re about to see.

Because we only had one living room’s worth of furniture when we moved in, we had to start essentially from scratch in here. It sat completely empty except for my desk, the rug, and the couch for a good 4 months because I wanted to build this room intentionally with pieces I truly loved. But at the same time, I’m pretty impatient when it comes to spaces feeling “unfinished.” I’ve had the vision in my head for a while and I’m so happy that it feels complete now - it’s the perfect, light-filled space to spend my days!


The overall style of our home is kinda hard to nail down. A little rustic, a little traditional, a little farmhouse. Masculine tones and warm textures. Since this is a rent house, we’re stuck with the light blue walls - not the color I would’ve chosen but it actually brings some balance to the room, I think, and makes it not so overwhelmingly warm.


So about the ram skulls… rams are something I didn’t know I had a thing for until I married my husband. He’s collected a few mounts over the years and I just think they’re beautiful. Bold, strong, and delicate all at the same time. I’m an Aries, which is also a ram, so maybe I was meant to love them all along? Ha! I wanted to hang the larger mount underneath the smaller one, but the bones are too brittle to put it on the wall, so it sits pretty on the floor. We have this mouflon painting in our TV room above the fireplace to tie the two spaces together.


Shelf and cross are from Hobby Lobby; picture frame is from At Home.
The ‘Come Thou Fount’ print was a gift and I love it so much! My absolute favorite hymn.


I spy a pup on squirrel watch…
Couch is from Ashley. The material is not quite microfiber - just say NO to microfiber - but it’s not leather. It’s soft and comfy and we love it. Smaller pillow is old from Urban Farmhouse; larger lumbar is HomeGoods.
Rug: Amazon; Coffee Table: Amazon


Chair: Havertys, thrifted for $75 on FB Marketplace! Score. Leather pillow came with the couch.
Floor Lamp: Lamps Plus | Basket and pillows: HomeGoods
Wall tiles: Live Boho. My all-time favorite place to shop for home decor.
Maps: Historic Map Works. They have millions of antique maps and prints. These two are 1880s maps of the counties where Andrew and I grew up!
Map frames: FrameUSA. One lesson I learned here? I should’ve splurged on real glass. Plexiglass has a lot of glare and a distorted/fun house mirror kinda look. But the upside is it’s really lightweight - both of those maps are hung with Command Strips so I’ll call that a win.


Joanna Gaines says every room in the house needs a touch of green - a plant! I’m the opposite of a green thumb but I found this pretty thing at Walmart for 15 bucks so if I kill it, oh well!

Blanket ladder: Amazon. This one is 6 feet tall - a foot taller than most, but I wanted a tall one with the tall ceilings in here | Herringbone blanket: Amazon | Planter: At Home | Bull print: At Home | Table Lamp: Hobby Lobby | Desk and cream blanket: HomeGoods | Desk chair: Old from Ikea - I’d like to replace this because it doesn’t really fit the style of the rest of the room, but it’s functional, so it stays for now | Mousepad: ExtraStudio. These make awesome gifts! They’re real leather and can be monogrammed.


There you have it! I love sitting in this space every day. Normally I have the dog bed beside my desk and Abby snoring away next to me, that Bird of Paradise candle burning, and a mug of Texas Pecan coffee keeping me going as I work.

Decorating and making a house feel like a home has always been something I love. I used to draw house plans on graph paper growing up. I’d beg my parents to let me get a House Beautiful magazine anytime we went to Home Depot, and I’d still rather buy home decor than clothes or makeup any day of the week. Over the years I’ve grown to prefer spaces with fewer but larger, substantial pieces as opposed to lots of smaller clutter. Less is more, and I’ve learned to chill out on the $20 Hobby Lobby purchases to save up for bigger, bolder things. Creating a space that worked as both a living room and an office was a little tricky, but I think it all came together and flows pretty well. I’ll try to share a couple more rooms from our house soon!