Alphabet Date Ideas

When we were engaged, some of the advice I heard most often was, "Date your husband. Make it a priority. Go on dates." I thought, "What's the big deal?" That should be easy, right? Dating pre-marriage was never hard. Well, turns out people gave that advice for a reason. Whether it's finding the time or figuring out something fun to do besides the ol' dinner and a movie, it's easy to get in a dating rut.


Enter... Alphabet Dates. With Valentine's around the corner, I thought I'd share this fun idea to help avoid the whole "I don't care, whatever you want to do" scenario. I heard of this concept a while ago and we've been finally putting it into action. Even if you just do one every other week, an Alphabet Date list can last you a whole year.

It's pretty self-explanatory - come up with a list of things you'd enjoy doing together - one for each letter of the alphabet. You'll have to get creative on some letters, so don't be afraid to expand your date horizons - that's what keeps it interesting. Coming up with the list can be a date in and of itself! Here's our list - we don't go in order; we just refer to the list whenever we need some date-spiration.

A - AirBnB (rent one for a night somewhere pretty)

B - Brewery

C - Chopped night at home (we love this show - why not grab some of our own interesting ingredients and see what we can come up with?)

D - Dave & Busters arcade night

E - Exercise (take the dog & go walking at the lake)

F - Fancy (an excuse to get all dressed up for a fancy night out)

G - Gun range

H - Horse races

I - Ice skating (OKC has a really cool outdoor rink - we missed it this winter, but we want to do this next holiday season)

J - Jump (a.k.a. act like kids at a trampoline park)

K - Kayaking

L - Live music 

M - Mediterranean food 

N - New food (something neither of us has tried before)

O - Outdoors (somewhere we can hike and explore)

P - Pallet in the living room + wine & cheese + movie

Q - Queso 

R - Rooftop drinks somewhere

S - Sushi

T - TopGolf

U - Under the stars (go for a drive)

V - Volunteer together

W - Williams-Sonoma cooking class

X - X-rated (ha)

Y - Yoga & (frozen) Yogurt

Z - Zoo (duh)

Need more ideas? This blog has some great ones. Happy Alphabetting!