15 Best Places in OKC to Take Engagement Photos

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Oklahoma City from a photographer’s perspective over the last couple of years and have been thinking lately how much I’ll miss doing sessions here when we move to Dallas. There are SO many great places to shoot in this town! Whether you’re scouting locations for an engagement, family, or senior session, with a more urban feel or more rustic look, there are countless cool places to take photos in OKC. In no particular order, these are just a handful of my favorites!

A note about these photos – this post is a compilation of photos taken at different times of year over the course of three years. I tried to pick images that best showcase the location or backdrop. My editing style has evolved, but they are all mine! Please do not share without permission and link/credit to The Big and Bright/Kaitlyn Bullard. Thanks for reading!

1. Farmer’s Market District

West of downtown near Reno and Western, this area has fun, eclectic vibes.  Explore the farmer’s market, stroll through the alleyways and grab a drink on the cute little patio at Powerhouse (the table pictured is actually the very spot that couple had their first date)! 


2. SE 4th Street

If you’re not looking for this spot, you could totally miss it, but it’s an absolute gem for skyline views and golden hour light. Head east on 4th from downtown like you're heading to ClimbUp gym and this little spot is on your left just before you get to the silos!


3. Stars and Stripes Park

Actually, these were taken just west of Stars and Stripes Park, but I always tell my clients to meet me at the park and then follow me to the more secluded spots. If you head west on Lake Hefner Drive from the park entrance, there are great spots along the running trail, plus, there is a little peninsula with a dirt road loop that has some diamonds in the rough for photo ops. Just prepare to do a little walking through the weeds, and bring bug spray in the summer!


4. Boathouse District 

Really cool buildings for a sleek, modern look. And that little glimpse of the skyline peeking through ... it’s subtle but I love it! 


5. Lincoln Boulevard Bridge on the Oklahoma River

Just west of the Boathouse buildings, you’ll hit the Lincoln Boulevard bridge and there’s a fun little floating dock you can walk down to. Beware though, the dock is VERY shaky and easy to fall on, so watch your step!


6. Lake Hefner Lighthouse

A classic OKC landmark. I don’t recommend taking the jetty that goes directly out to the lighthouse, but instead, park over by Redrock Canyon Grill and walk out toward the lighthouse from behind the restaurant’s outdoor bar area. 


7. Heritage Hills

This neighborhood is so fun to explore for photo ops! Giant tree arches over the streets, beautiful houses that have a little Hollywood vibe... so many cool looks you can do in this area!


8. 178th and Portland in Edmond

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. This spot is my ace in the hole that I found by accident one day. There is a Sonic at 178th and Portland, and behind that Sonic is a field of DREAMS. Looks like you're out in the middle of nowhere and makes for some killer photos. You are welcome. 


9. Martin Nature Park

Bring your walking shoes for this one. There’s a giant open field right by the parking lot that’s pretty popular, but there are also some beautiful more hidden spots if you walk back into the preserve. There’s a gorgeous shallow creek toward the back, but be prepared to walk a ways to find it. And be mindful of when they close the gates! 


10. Will Rogers Gardens and Conservatory

Another popular location, Will Rogers has so many ideal photo spots. I tend to stay toward the front of the property near the conservatory and gardens right next to it. Be aware that on weekends, the conservatory is often locked or rented out for weddings. The garden gates close early, too, so you have to hit this place at the right time. Call ahead to see when they’re open!


11. E.K. Gaylord Parking Garage

Probably the most urban backdrop you can get in the city, this garage has views of the Devon Tower, the City Place building, the Chase building, and the Skirvin Hotel. The sun hits it just at the right angle, too. It costs a few dollars per hour to park but the top level is usually pretty vacant and perfect for photos!


12. Myriad Gardens

Again, so many backdrops within one location. The sculptures, the terraces, the water, the splash pads ... this couple requested to end their session getting drenched in the southwest corner splash area and who was I to say no? So FUN!


13. Bleu Garten Area

Bleu Garten itself is a tricky place to take photos because it’s always SO crowded, but the blocks right around it have some great backdrops and walls for pictures. The “Keep Oklahoma Friendly” mural is directly to the left of this wooden wall on the north side of Bleu Garten, and if you walk one more block north, there’s another cool OKC mural right behind a fun pink brick wall! The alley next to that brick wall, pictured below, is a great neutral color and has good lighting, as well. 


14. 123 Parking Garage

If you want a cityscape backdrop but don’t want buildings quite as “in your face” as they are at the top of the Gaylord Garage, the 123 Garage is a great alternative. Enter from 10th Street between Robinson and Broadway. FYI, this garage charges $5 per car. 


15. Steps of Frontline Church

Last but not least, the grand entrance at Frontline Church at 10th and Robinson is a classic picture-taking spot. If you want a staircase backdrop that’s not quite as frequented, some prefer the steps at the Gaylord Pickens Museum, and the Civic Center steps work well, too!


Other Popular Oklahoma City Engagement Picture locations

Most of these are fairly popular spots among OKC engagement photographers, but you might find some hidden gems if you explore the nearby areas. The Skydance Bridge, Wheeler District (Farris Wheel), Midtown, and the Plaza District are also all great places to try for your next photo session. Oklahoma City is teeming with ideal and unique backdrops! 

Got anything to add to this list? Leave a comment! And if you're looking for a photographer for your engagement or wedding, head over to my photography page to see if we could be a good fit!