Bridal Portrait Feature: Chelsea

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor - Chelsea's bridal session, shot by Misty Doyle, is ethereal, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.  Misty Doyle Photography is based in Wichita Falls, but for this session, the ladies actually traveled to Western Oklahoma to get these stunning shots.  Going for an editorial vibe with artistic influence from Native American culture, Chelsea went out of the box for her portraits, showcasing her unique style while paying tribute to traces of family history. 

TB&B: What was your inspiration for these portraits?

Chelsea: I certainly don't fit the model Indian having blonde hair and blue eyes, but I've always been intrigued and obsessed with Native American culture and history.  Buffalo, war horses, feathers, turquoise, beading, teepees, you name it, I've got it in my house or closet!  The Cowboys and Indians era is definitely my favorite to learn about and I so wish I could've lived during that time.  I have started research into my ancestry and found that my great, great, great grandfather on my mom's side lived in Township 7, Chickasaw Nation in the early 1900s.  I don't know many more details right now, but we're working on learning more.

TB&B: What did you enjoy about working with Misty?

Chelsea: Misty is amazing and her work proves it!  I am pretty shy and awkward when the focus is all on me, so I was a little nervous about a photographer I didn't know coming to take pictures of me.  When I decided to go a different course than the traditional bridals, I was afraid she would think I was crazy - but she was so excited!  That was a huge relief.  She drove two hours to some stranger's house in Western Oklahoma to photograph a bride she had only spoken to through email, text, and phone, but there was an immediate connection.  It was a HOT and humid July evening, the gnats and bugs were attacking us and the horses were running around like crazy.  If she had any doubts, I never knew. 

All she cared about was making me happy and getting the exact pictures we wanted.  How can it get any better and easier than that?

TB&B: Before the dress and the portraits comes a love story - let's hear yours.

Chelsea: Clay and I met at the Stockyard Saloon during the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  How romantic, right? :) Neither of us walked into that bar with our friends expecting to find our soulmate.  Apparently, when he saw me he told my friend, "She's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."  Of course I was flattered and eager to meet him.  To this day he tells me that I am beautiful every single day and I love it. 

I was working on the road and he was on the rodeo trail so we didn't see each other after that night for two months.  We lived almost five hours apart so it was tough at times to find a spare second to see each other; a full weekend was very rare, but now you rarely find us apart.  There was no doubt in our mind that the Lord had definitely brought us together.  They say "when you know, you know" - that is the truth.  Met at the beginning of February 2013, I moved from San Angelo, Texas, to Sayre, Oklahoma in August 2013 and married on August 2, 2014.  Short, sweet, and to the point and we've never looked back since.  He is my favorite!

He's her favorite and these portraits are ours.  Bold, colorful, and intriguing.  Misty Doyle, your work is fabulous.  Thank you for sharing these incredible shots with us.  Chelsea and Clay, best wishes to you two! 

Misty is based in North Texas and serves brides and families with wedding and lifestyle photography. 

Images used with permission. 

Ringgold Ranch Wedding - Macy & Clint

There's something so special about backyard weddings, and when that backyard is the ranch where you grew up, it takes on a whole new meaning.  Macy and Clint's big day was filled with beautiful personal touches that helped tell their story. 

TB&B: How did you meet Clint?

Macy: When I met Clint in Snook, Texas, I had just moved to College Station.  I saw him as soon as I pulled up to the arena where he practiced, sitting on an old picnic table fixing his spur leathers, talking with his friend.  We were acquaintances, then friends, and then dating.  We actually started spending the most time together on the day we both graduated, he with his masters, and my undergrad from A&M.  Little did I know the rest of the story would be so wonderful! 

TB&B: Tell us the abridged version of the Hopping love story.

Macy: Saw him, had to have him, married him.

(Ha! Pretty much how it goes, right??)

Really, it had more to it - a move or two, a few jobs and job changes, summers, winters, etc.  We both know that the Lord matched us.  He says he always felt God's presence around me, I say I'd never met anyone like him.  We both knew the rest of the story early into it.

Y'all.  Is that cowhide rug aisle not genius?!

TB&B: Which little details of the day were most special to you? Had you always known you'd want to get married at your family's ranch?

Macy: Each time we greeted a different friend or family member was memorable.  It was a whole weekend's worth of fun, so having everyone dear to us there was the most significant.  And having those friends with us at my home made it even more special, because I have always dreamed of getting married there.  I remember feeling very full and so much peace with everyone we love with us.  Being married and having all those memories in a place we know we'll be often is special - it's easy to vividly remember.

TB&B: Tell us what you love most about the guy you married, and what makes you two "click."

Macy: We spend about 95% of our time together.  We work together every day, travel together every weekend, and help each other with one another's chores on the ranch. We're exactly the same in our humor, our work ethics, our goals, and most importantly, our faith in Jesus.  My sister would also include weirdness in our commonalities.  In her Maid of Honor speech she said, "I don't understand your jokes, and I quit trying to understand them a long time ago." We both think we are hilarious.  Laughter is probably the theme and our favorite part of being together.

TB&B: What song did you two dance to for your first dance?

Macy: Ray Lamontagne, You Are the Best Thing

TB&B: And finally, tell us what marriage means to you as a couple.

Macy: We both believe in the covenant of marriage, that it was a promise made first to God and then to each other.  Like the Gospel, marriage is about love, sacrifice, and grace.  God brought us here and we will spend the rest of our lives with one another.  "We love because He first loved us." -1 John 4:19

Thank you to the Hoppings for sharing their story and giving us a glimpse into their special day, and to Ashley Monogue of Ashley Monogue Photography (based in College Station) for sharing her work.