29 Years | 29 Things About Me

Well, it’s the official first day of the last year of my 20s. It’s been a while since I’ve done an about me/introductions sort of post, so I thought I’d share 29 things about me to go along with my 29th birthday. Maybe we have some of these in common! Here’s to 29 being f i n e. Bring it on!


1. I love having an April birthday! I was supposed to be born on St. Patrick’s day but I was reeeally late - sorry mom!

2. I am all aboard the blue light glasses train. Who knows - maybe the whole thing’s a crock, but I feel like I can tell a difference in eye strain! I have this pair and this pair (I keep one at my desk and one on my nightstand for watching TV) and ordered this men’s pair for Andrew. I don’t wear them when I edit because they do distort colors, but any other time I’m doing computer work, I’ll put ‘em on.

3. Red wine all the way. I usually go for a cab or malbec. Love a good pinot noir too but nothing too sweet. The bolder/smokier/drier, the better! 

4. I drive a LOT for my job. Like almost 3000 miles a month. But aside from putting a ton of miles on my car, I really don’t hate road trips. A long stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere is good for the soul.

5. When I was little, my grandpa made me a giant dollhouse (I’m talkin taller than 4-year-old me). It was so intricately built and had so many thoughtful details. It sounds silly, but I truly think playing with that house all the time spurred my eventual love for home design and a lot of my creative passions in general.

6. Fried pickles dipped in ranch is the only way I will eat either of those things. Hate pickles, hate ranch, but together? Why not! Also not a ketchup fan. Un-American, I know.

7. I majored in marketing in college but was clueless about what I wanted to do when I graduated. I didn’t get into grad school (blessing in disguise) and I even considered nursing school for a hot second (LOL - I’d be a terrible nurse). God knew I really needed something that combined business and creativity and I’m so grateful for all the steps in my career that led me to doing something I truly love.

8. Pet names weird me out. The only thing I’ve ever called Andrew besides his actual name is babe or bae (we started saying it as a joke annnd it stuck. It just rolls right off the tongue, right?).

9. One time about 5 years ago while giving blood, the needle somehow slipped out and my arm was spewing blood everywhere. Needless to say I haven’t given blood since.

10. I’ve always preferred big dogs over small ones. My family had 2 labs growing up (one’s still alive - she’s 18!) and Andrew and I love our ridgeback. I just associate small dogs with yappy dogs and I don’t do yappy.


11. I grew up in Dripping Springs, which ironically is the wedding capital of Texas. I do miss the hill country scenery, but not the proximity to Austin. Not about that Keep It Weird life. Or the traffic.

12. If I could live anywhere in Texas for the rest of my life it’d be College Station or the Kerrville/Boerne area. Some day!

13. I’m the opposite of a hoarder. Clutter stresses me out, I don’t worry about holding onto stuff unless it’s suuuuuper sentimental and while I’m by no means a minimalist, I definitely believe less is more.  

14. On that note, I’m not much of a clothes horse either. I wear the same pieces over and over and don’t really shop a ton anymore. I’ve heard the phrase “You really like those shoes, don’t you” quite a bit but if it works, it works, ya know?

15. “Come Thou Fount” is my favorite hymn and is what played as I walked down the aisle. 

Photo:  Al Gawlik

Photo: Al Gawlik

16. Andrew and I both played tennis growing up (he went to state!) but we’ve only hit with each other 3 times ever. We take it way too seriously! Ha.

17. Tennis dates might be a no-go but I do love our golf course dates. We get a cheap twilight tee time, he golfs, I eat snacks and drive the cart. One of my favorite ways to spend quality time together!

18. My favorite holiday is July 4th. Lake, sunshine, burgers, patriotism - yes please.

Last summer at the lake with our crew - Andrew’s missing because he was studying for the bar. No more of that nonsense! Praise the Lord.

Last summer at the lake with our crew - Andrew’s missing because he was studying for the bar. No more of that nonsense! Praise the Lord.

19. Everyone has a random type of instagram account they like to follow - makeup, cooking, whatever. Mine is cookie decorating. And I don’t even bake! @cowtowncookieco and @doughmestichousewife’s stuff fascinates me. 

20. My parents will be the first to tell you they are not creative people (my mom is a policy analyst for the Texas school board association and my dad is a civil engineer), yet they have a photographer daughter and musician son. My brother and I aren’t really sure where our creative genes came from! Ha.

21. I really appreciate when people share their experiences with hard things. It’s a fine line to walk between being vulnerable and oversharing, but I wish talking about the things we struggle with wasn’t quite so taboo. I’m a huge advocate of counseling! Nobody has it all figured out.

22. I’m not nearly as hardcore about working out as I used to be, but I do have a rule of moving my body 3 times a week - whatever that might look like. Sometimes that’s just going for a walk! I’m really liking @dmirgonfit21’s low-impact workouts lately, too.

23. My favorite Friends seasons are 5 & 6. Basically the entire beginning of Chandler and Monica’s relationship + Ross and Rachel’s “marriage.” All-time favorite episodes? The One Where Everybody Finds Out + The One with the Embryos!


24. I set a goal with some girlfriends to read the entire Bible before I turn 30. We’ve been using this guide and I like how it breaks it down for you into manageable chunks with different themes. I don’t have a set daily quiet time, but I do like to take an hour or so on Friday mornings to dive in. 

25. When I’m shooting a wedding, or any type of session really, my brain kind of goes on auto-pilot, but it’s a lot of thinking and split-second decision making at the same time. My adrenaline is going all. day. long. Between a sore back, sore feet and the mental exhaustion, the phrase “wedding hangover” ain’t no joke. I crave that challenge though!

26. When I quit my job to do photography full time, learning how to feel productive and valuable without the structure of an office environment was hard. It took about a year to figure out what works best for me. I still sometimes feel guilty for not working a typical 40-hour week, but I try to remind myself that I work a lot of weekends and weird hours, so if I want to get out of the house for a couple hours on a Tuesday afternoon, that’s okay!

27. I adore when couples do the anniversary dance at their wedding. I love seeing all the older couples out on the dance floor and hearing their marriage advice!

28. Some of the best advice I ever heard was “If he wanted to date you, he’d take you on a date.” He’d make it happen no matter what it takes. I firmly believe it, and I believe the same concept applies to more than just dating. If they wanted to hire you, they’d call. If your friendship meant that much to them, they’d make the trip, etc. There won’t be any confusion on matters of love. You’ll know. Raise your standards to only keep friends and relationships with people who put in the effort. They’re out there and you’re worth it! 

29 ... is the year I become a homeowner! Well, we become homeowners - but Andrew’s not 29 ;) He looked at the house while I was out of town, called and told me it was too good to pass up and we put an offer in before I’d even seen it in person. Luckily he wasn’t lying! I fell in love as soon as I drove up. It’s a gem and I can’t wait to share more once we officially close! YAY for new, scary, expensive but exciting adventures!

Thanks for reading! Hope y’all have a great week!