Aggie Ring Day

One of the big highlights of September, personally, was my brother getting his Aggie ring! If you’re an Aggie or familiar with Texas A&M at all, you know what a huge deal this is. The Aggie ring is more than just a piece of jewelry or a class ring. It’s so much more meaningful than that because it symbolizes joining the Aggie network - a group of people all over the world united by their love for this university.

Both of my parents graduated from Texas A&M, and I did too! So this accomplishment for my brother was extra special for our family. We spent the weekend celebrating Ben and the work he’s put in to get to this point.


Tradition says undergrads have to wear their ring with the year facing toward them until they earn their degree. On graduation day, you can turn your ring with the year facing outward to celebrate joining the real world!


On ring day, a lot of students have someone special - usually an alum - present them their ring. I had my dad present me mine, and Ben asked me to present his! Side note - I promise I curled my hair and tried to look presentable for the occasion, but College Station humidity does not play. After waiting in line outside for half an hour, we were all gross and sweaty. Oh well!


A family of Aggie rings! Me (class of 2012), my dad (‘82), my mom (‘84), and my brother (‘19)! After the festivities at the Alumni Center, they’d opened up the stadium for photo ops so we hopped on over to Kyle Field.


“Some may boast of prowess bold, of the school they think so grand, but there’s a spirit can ne’er be told … it’s the spirit of Aggieland!”

Every time I go back to campus I’m just so grateful I got to spend 4 years of my life in this special place. It truly is like nowhere else on earth.