A Saturday at Magnolia

Well, I finally made the pilgrimage.

Never missed an episode of Fixer Upper while it was on the air, but it just never worked out to make a trip down to Magnolia until just a few weeks ago. Some friends from Oklahoma City came down to Dallas for the weekend so we headed to Waco from there and made a Saturday out of it. Honestly, my expectations weren’t too high because I’d always heard “crowded, hot, overpriced” etc. - I’d braced myself for madness - but the whole experience was really relaxed and enjoyable, to my pleasant surprise. Not sure why I expected anything less from Chip and Jo…

Here’s our day through my iPhone lens!


They open at 9 but we got there around 10 and found parking right behind the Market. Plenty of spaces were still open and we walked right in the back gates! Obviously, our first stop needed to include breakfast…


The bakery line was miraculously short but even if it had been long, you zip right through it. They’ve got plenty of employees working, taking orders while you’re in line so it’s ready when you get to the cash register. Things move fast.

Y’all, that cinnamon roll was 3 dollars. It was the size of my face. I didn’t even get halfway through it! They could’ve charged me 6 or 7 dollars for that thing and I would’ve happily paid it! I wish it would’ve been a tad warmer, but the flavors were on point - my friends got muffins and they were huge and delicious, too. We sat at a shaded table on the patio and enjoyed the view.


From there, we ventured inside to shop. The market was crowded, but really not too terrible for a Saturday. I found the peacock print from one of the episodes and thought long and hard about bringing it home with me! Some of the decor, yes, you could find at Hobby Lobby for a fraction of the price, but they did carry stuff that you wouldn’t find just anywhere, and they had plenty of good deals on souvenir items if you just want a mug or shirt! A candle and blanket I loved were way more than I was willing to pay, but we found some decent deals on shelves, kitchen items, and wall decor.

We did head over later to the original Magnolia shop on Bosque, which is now their discount/dent and scratch “warehouse”, but none of us found anything there we just had to have.


The Seed & Supply shop is just on the other side of the “yard” from the silos. The gardens were in full bloom and the shop had all kinds of goodies, if you’re into that kinda stuff! I’m not much of a gardener (i.e., I can’t keep plants alive period) so I just perused!


It only took us about an hour to do the bakery, the silos, and the seed & supply shop - a lot quicker than expected, so we hung out in the courtyard for a little bit. They had food trucks, drinks and snacks for sale, yard games going and lots of beanbags to sit on, but at that point it was getting hot, so we headed to the discount shop and then found a precious little boutique/restaurant combo not far from the silos called Sironia. We loved it and highly recommend stopping by for a ladies’ lunch! It was quaint and quiet and the food was heavenly.

If you do Magnolia Market in the fall, try to go on a day that Baylor has a home game! We didn’t mean to time ours on a game day and I was worried it would make things worse, but I actually think it helped with the crowd situation since lots of Waco folks were at the stadium.


We happened to be in Waco the same weekend as the Parade of Homes, so before we headed back, we drove around and toured a few of the houses. We didn’t get to see the one Chip and Jo had designed because it was on the opposite side of town from where we needed to be to head home, but too bad, because Danielle Busby from Outdaughtered was there! Another “friend-in-my-dreams” reality TV star! I saw on Instagram that she’d been at the silos earlier, too! Darn.

We grabbed a quick coffee at Common Grounds (I downed my iced Cowboy Coffee in about 2 minutes flat) before getting back on the road. We only spent about 6 hours total in Waco, but we packed a lot into the day and had a great time! Definitely worth the day trip if you’re in Austin or DFW.

Another Waco business worth checking out? Heritage Restorations - I got to interview them a few years ago and the work they do is incredible!