Friday Fives | Fall 2018

It’s been a while since I did a 5x5 blog - where I share 5 things each in 5 different categories, mostly covering things I’m loving, learning, and working on. The last one I wrote was a recap of 2016. Sheesh, time flies! Friday Fives, here we go!

5 Miscellaneous Things About Me

Okay, really, this one’s just an excuse to share a few more of the headshots Alexa Vossler took for me at The Lumen Room not too long ago. This girl is the QUEEN of headshots and if you’re in Dallas, you’ve gotta book a session with her. She makes you feel so absolutely confident in front of the lens! Every photographer hopes they make their clients feel confident, but it’s a rare occasion where we’re the ones on camera, so getting to be on the receiving end of that was refreshing. Alexa made the whole experience just awesome and I can’t thank her enough. Eventually I’ll get around to putting these in other spots on my website! So, 5 random things …


I loved living in Oklahoma way more than I thought I would. I’m a Texas girl at heart, for sure, and it’ll always be home, but gosh Oklahoma was good to us! OKC was so easy to get around, so many great restaurants and fun things to do, really beautiful places to explore, cheap cost of living … I could go on! We got plugged into a church we absolutely loved - I cried actual tears on one of the last Sundays we attended. That place forever changed our marriage and our lives for the better. I met so many wonderful friends and clients in OKC and thank God it’s not too long of a drive because I can’t stay away! Oklahoma, we miss you!


I do not enjoy cooking. Like, at all. Bless my sweet husband for a) being the main chef in our home and actually having a passion for it and b) putting up with my monotonous meal planning when I do cook. We eat a lot of simple meals and steamable veggies around here (microwave FTW) and I could for real eat the same 5 things every week and be completely fine with it. I do love trying new foods when we go out to eat, I just don’t mix things up much when I cook at home! Creature of habit, I suppose. If you’ve got any EASY, simple, healthy recipes you love … send ‘em my way.


I jumped entirely out of my comfort zone and bought a bodysuit. They’re not just for teenagers, after all! I think I’m a convert, y’all. I thought it would be way uncomfortable, but it’s really not. This particular one is super soft. You’ll catch me in it all fall and winter, for sure!


I watch approximately 4.5 episodes of Friends every. single. day. Seriously. And I laugh all goofy like this even though I’ve seen every single one of them a million times before. I have it on in the background during the day while I work, I watch it every night before I fall asleep - it’s to the point now where it’s just soothing. Never seen Grey’s Anatomy, don’t really do Netflix, but give me seasons 6 through 9 of Friends on repeat and I’m a happy camper.


I went to Trader Joes for the first time last weekend. Prettyyy impressed! It’s not somewhere we’ll go every week because their selection isn’t huge. But we found some great healthy-ish snacks, good cheap wine, and my favorite: pre-made, heat-and-go meals that so far, have all been delicious. Winning!

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

Fall mini sessions! This is the first year I’ve offered these and it’s gonna be fun! I still have a few spots left in Dallas, Austin, and Abilene if you’re interested.

Exciting projects. Next month, I’ll be doing a some fun photography projects outside of my normal scope of work. One’s with a company that makes baby swaddles, and another’s with a home interior blogger! I cannot wait to tell y’all the story of how she and I got connected. God works in mysterious ways, I’ll just say that.

Our Godson’s 2nd birthday. There’s nobody we love celebrating more than this kid. He amazes us every single day. His momma (my girlfriend Jacque) recently started blogging about his story over at Goliaths and Grace. Worth a read, friends!

Seeing friends become parents. We’re in the season of life right now where lots of our friends are adding to their family. Unfortunately, it’s been a much tougher road for some. Through IVF, adoption, and other miracles, several of our friends are getting SO CLOSE to experiencing pregnancy and holding babies in their arms and I’m ecstatic for them. On a related note, can we please, please, please stop asking people when they want to have kids? I know it’s just a conversation filler and not meant to be ill-willed, but often the answer people want to say is “a long time ago.” It can hurt deeper than you know. #PSA.

Yellowstone, Season 2. We were obsessed with Season 1 and it ended way too soon. Kevin, come back!

5 Things I’ve Listened to Lately

Sam Ponder on That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs. This podcast made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think! And I’ve officially added Sam to my list of celebs I’d love to be friends with, along with Jessie James Decker, Chelsea from Teen Mom (YEP), and JoJo Gaines of course. She’s so down to earth and the girl just gets it. 

Dale Partridge’s Ultimate Marriage. Fair warning, this guy can be polarizing. We’re talkin’ traditional gender roles, hardcore Bible stuff, and black-and-white relationship/life advice that’s straight-up harsh at times. But the podcasts are thought-provoking and for the most part, I can’t argue with what he has to say.

Girl Wash Your Face. Truthfully? This was not my fave. I think I might’ve liked it better if I’d read it and not listened to it

Fleetwood Mac Pandora. I know all the cool kids are on Spotify these days but I still love me some good ole Pandora and this station has been on repeat for weeks. 

brazos county bound.jpg

My brother! He released his first EP this week called Brazos County Bound. If you like artists like Sean McConnell and Whiskey Myers, check him out. “Amen” and “Let It Rain” are my faves.

5 IG Accounts I’ve Enjoyed Following Lately

Peyton Baxter. This girl is such a light in the fashion blogging world. Genuinely kind, rocks a unique style and OWNS it, and her Tennessee accent is precious.

LC Steele. Former lawyer-turned-blogger and another southern accent I love listening to on stories.

Angie Garcia. She’s the go-to photographer for DFW fashion bloggers (are you sensing a trend here?) and her stuff inspires me to think outside the box!

Minute with Mads. This account is a game changer. She recaps the latest headlines from around the world in easy to understand swipe-through posts, and on her stories/IGTV she does these short bits called “Totally Explained” where she breaks down complicated current events on a basic level so you can at least engage in a halfway intelligent conversation about the issues. Love this one!

Lindsey Roman. Hawaii photographer, unreal talent, a heart for educating others, and unapologetically herself.

5 Things I’m Working On

Posture. Mine sucks. Always has. But after I got my first deep tissue massage a few weeks ago and my back and pecs were sore for DAYS afterward, I’ve been really trying to be more conscious of how I sit and not letting myself hunch over.

Prayer. Also something I’ve never really been great at. I’m working on praying very specific prayers for specific people and trusting God to work through them.

josie-one-year-2018-37 (1).jpg

Location scouting around Dallas. It took me years to figure out the best places to shoot in Oklahoma City, and I think that’s the case for any photographer, anywhere! Finding your go-to locations just takes time + lots of exploring + driving around. But I’m excited to find some good spots for upcoming engagement sessions and fall shoots!

Lightroom Mobile presets. Syncing your presets (preset = a shortcut for the steps a photographer takes to edit their photos) from Lightroom Desktop to Lightroom Mobile used to not be possible, but with the latest update, supposedly it is! I need to sit down and figure this out so I can easily edit my iPhone photos to look similar to my Canon photos. We shall see.

Going to bed earlier. Trying to reform my extreme night owl ways!

Whew! That was a novel. If you made it all the way down here, bless you! Hope you enjoyed the virtual catch-up. I’m heading into several weeks of back-to-back weddings and lots of shoots sprinkled in here and there, but I’ll try to pop in on the blog when I can. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things!