Life Lately | 2018 in Review

Here we are again, wrapping up another year! 2018 felt like it FLEW by. Truly, more than other years in the past, this year felt extra fleeting. Maybe because I traveled a ton? Not to anywhere exotic - just some frequent road tripping - but either way, I felt like I lived out of a suitcase this year. I’m not sure that’s going to slow down in 2019, either. It was exhausting at times, yes. But when I look back through these photos (iPhone pictures, no less - no professional photos in this bunch) I’m reminded that all of those miles allowed me to spend time with people we love and who make life rich. This is a glimpse into what life looked like in 2018 when I didn’t have a camera in my hand.

I’d be remiss not to say that yes, these snapshots are only that. Snapshots. The highlight reel. I texted a friend before putting this post together and told her I didn’t even know if 2018 was worth recapping because in a lot of ways, this year was rough. We went through some really hard things. A devastating diagnosis for someone very close to us. A tough season of marriage and several counseling sessions that really forced us to come to grips with a lot of things, individually. Leaving friends and a city we loved and a church where we felt completely at home and moving to a new place where we felt extremely lonely. And honestly still do. A scary attempted break-in situation when Andrew wasn’t home that still makes it hard to sleep at night. A nearly month-long stint in the hospital for my mom after a life-threatening infection. And learning the hard way that starting a family of our own isn’t necessarily an easy road.

I put all that out there not to air our dirty laundry but to be transparent and remind you that what you see on the internet is never the whole story. EVERYone - every single person - deals with hard things behind the scenes. Maybe you can relate to some of our struggles, maybe yours are different, but one thing we can all agree on is that it never hurts to be kind and show people extra love. My friend reminded me that yes, this year was rough in some ways, but a) that’s just life sometimes, and b) those aren’t the parts we should dwell on because we’ve learned from them and gotten stronger because of them. So here’s to a year of growth behind us and finding joy in the in-between. 2019, we’re ready for you.


January + February

Started off the year with my favorite little guy - our godson, Miller. I left my job as the content/social team manager at a marketing firm to pursue photography full-time and celebrated with good friends, wine, and rooftop views. And I got to love on my college roomie, Lauren, at her baby shower.


March + April

My photography BFF, Taylor, and I attended a photography workshop at the White Sparrow Barn taught by Julie Paisley and checked that off our list of dream places to shoot (and dream people to learn from). Andrew and I saw an awesome acoustic show and went to our last Barrister’s Ball (law prom). We had Logan and Carson over for our third annual Easter lunch with the Turners - a tradition we might just have to continue even though we don’t live in the same town anymore. In April, my friend Megan and I celebrated our 28th birthdays together and I went to San Angelo to meet Lauren’s baby girl - my college BFF/maid of honor Jessica happened to be in town that weekend too! Wrapped up the month with my last night of volunteering with the teens at Celebrate Recovery at our church.


May + June

Our Oklahoma friends threw us a surprise going away party and it got REAL that life was really about to change. Talk about bittersweet. Andrew and I took a day trip to see Pioneer Woman’s ranch and the Mercantile (so fun and worth the drive), had one last hurrah/celebratory dinner with law school friends, and went to lots of awards ceremonies for Andrew - #wifebrag moment - my husband’s a smarty pants. And worked his ass off. He won all kinds of things.

He walked that stage and the very next day, we packed our things and said goodbye to the house where we’d spent our first three years of marriage. We moved into our new house, spent a couple of weekends at the lake with our Abilene crew and I squeezed in coffee with old friends during a quick work trip back in OKC.

IMG_0930 2.JPG

July + August

Spent 4th of July with my cousin and her family and wrapped my head around the fact that Emma is ten. Andrew took the bar exam after studying for ten solid weeks and we celebrated being DONE with a trip to Fredericksburg and then Port Aransas. That was one of the best trips we’ve ever taken together! We headed back to the lake for one more weekend on the water before Andrew started his job.

IMG_0124 (1).jpg

September + October

Rachel and Mandy came down to visit (we missed you, Audrey!) and we ventured to Magnolia! My brother got his Aggie ring and released his first EP. Proud of you, Ben! Andrew took me on a day date to the State Fair of Texas - my first time to go! We went to west Texas for birthday celebrations with our crew and went to our first Cattle Baron’s Ball.

Maybe the most exciting part of our year - Andrew found out he passed the bar! So much relief, thankfulness, pride (on my part) and excitement for what’s ahead, finally. We’d had to put a lot of those feelings on hold until we knew for SURE, and now we do! Sweet guy took ME to get a gift the day we found out - something I’d been dreaming about for a long time - as a thank you for being there for him through it all. Love that man. He got sworn in by the same judge he interned for his first summer of law school and it all came full circle!


November + December

Miller turned TWO! What an awesome day celebrating him. We spent Thanksgiving with both of our families (loved that picture of Andrew watching football with his grandparents) and Jacque and I “ran” in a charity 5K. Our crew grew by one with baby Auden’s arrival and I traveled to the panhandle to meet my college roommate’s second baby boy. We had our annual fondue night and ugly sweater party with the Thweatts and had a fun date night at The Star watching one of Andrew’s longtime friends coach his football team in the state semifinals.


Whew! If you made it down here, bless you.

Last week we traveled south to see our families for Christmas and tomorrow, we’ll head back up to OKC to spend New Year’s with old friends. Lots of miles underway and right now, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love to you and your families this holiday season!