Calling Myself a Writer


Quick thoughts:

I caught myself over-analyzing the other day, as I tend to do, the words in my Instagram profile (of all thing. Really?). It's surprisingly hard to sum yourself up in 150 characters in a way that might leave any sort of positive first impression. There's no doubt about the believer, wife, and queso parts - indeed, all things I take seriously - but the "writer" part kept tripping me up. 

I feel like I don't deserve to call myself that, especially when I can't seem to crank out a regular blog post and I take 5 years to write a damn caption and sometimes I just use song lyrics because crafting sentences doesn't always come naturally to me. Calling myself a writer makes me feel like more of a fraud (to quote Jenna Kutcher) than calling myself a photographer, which still feels weird to say sometimes.

It's scary, for me, to OWN either of those things. But both are true. One is what I do; the other is who I am. You don't have to be a novelist, a witty captioner, a natural, or even remotely consistent to call yourself a writer, and you don't have to share everything you write with the world. I am a writer because I've always been a writer. Wrestling with words is therapeutic. Regardless of how much I have to show for it, writing is probably my oldest passion and it's something that makes me, me.

So yes, I'm a photographer AND a writer - one just might be more outwardly evident than the other. I dabble in other creative avenues too and that's okay. Dabbling's allowed, and so are song lyrics. If you struggle with your personal "elevator pitch" too, welcome to the club. Thank God for pixels and paper because 150 characters barely scratches the surface of the passions we're put on this earth to pursue.