Six Items Your Photographer Will Be Glad You Brought on Your Wedding Day (and So Will You!)

As if you didn't have enough to remember for your wedding day already, right? Well, add these items to your checklist. Your photographer will be thankful you brought them because they help tell a better story and make for beautiful photos - and what bride wouldn't want that? It's a win-win.

1. Nice hanger for your dress

A personalized bridal hanger is pretty, but you don't have to go that route. A nice wooden hanger from Target or TJ Maxx will work just fine and is better suited to show off the best dress you'll ever wear than a flimsy plastic one. I try to have one in my car, just in case, but it's always a plus when the bride brings a good one, and if you have a few for your bridesmaids' dresses, even better!

2. Invitation Suite and Paper Details

Bring a copy of your save-the-date, a beautiful hand-lettered envelope, any inserts, and definitely your invitation. You want to remember the gorgeous stationery that set the tone for your big day and made a first impression with guests, and your photographer wants to get great shots of it all for you!

3. Card for your groom (and vice versa)

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, it's so nice to take a breath for a second and read a handwritten card from your soon-to-be-spouse. All the excitement and anticipation of what's about to take place in a note you'll treasure forever - we want to capture your emotions as you read them (laughter turning to tears is not unusual, so have a tissue handy). Birdie Mae Designs carries all kinds of blank wedding day cards, for brides and grooms, parents, and even ones to thank your future mother-in-law for raising such a great man. 

4. A piece of family history

This doesn't have to be anything large or especially valuable, monetarily - just something special to you. An old family Bible you're using for the ceremony, a bracelet of your mom's or grandmother's, a treasure from your grandparents' wedding, even a special handkerchief. Any little detail you can pair with your own details to add a dimension - and a generational element - will make those images even more special. Plus, it can double as your something old or borrowed (or in Lesa's case with the bracelet above- her something blue!).

5. Perfume and cologne bottles

If you plan on wearing any, and especially if you have a signature scent. They just make for pretty pictures!

6. Printed list of family shots

For both sides, and whichever ones you want of both families combined.  Bonus points if the list goes from biggest to smallest! (Extended family to immediate). Why? Efficiency. This is a trick I learned from a fellow photographer.

Listen, second cousin Bobby and your 5-year-old nephew probably don't want to stick around for too long waiting their turn for family photos (they're just ready to get to the food). But grandma will be willing to hang out a little longer, and mom and dad are there for the long haul. That's why it's usually easiest to start with the biggest groups and dismiss people as we go, starting with your extended family and ending up with immediate family, then just parents, then just you two. Having an ordered list handy with first names for the photographer or assistant to call out makes the process quicker and easier all the way around, and gets you to your reception faster!

A few extra things to tack on to your wedding day checklist, but I promise, these few things are worth adding to the list. For other wedding day ideas and a few more fun photo opportunities, read 7 Things I'm Glad We Did at Our Wedding.